DJ Tira Endorses His Zimbabwean Name

South African award-winning producer DJ Tira sent social media into stitches after seemingly endorsing his new Zimbabwean name.

DJ Tira has been going viral on social media after some Zimbabwean pranksters edited his Wikipedia profile and changed his name to “Dirarizare Marufu.”

The new profile also claimed that DJ Tira was actually born in Zimbabwe and that he later moved to South Africa.

The claim left many South Africans confused as many readily believed it.

However, instead of taking offence at the claims, DJ Tira embraced his Zimbabwean name and appeared to endorse it.

The award-winning producer took to Instagram, where he shared a photo of the edited Wikipedia page showing his Zimbabwean name.

He captioned the image,

“Say hello to Mr Marufu.”

DJ Tira’s Zimbabwean first name comes from the “Dira Rizare” frenzy, which rocked social media a few weeks back.

The term “Dira Rizare” means “Keep pouring until the glass is full.”

The Dira Rizare phenomenon went viral after a video of a young man narrating his woes to his friends captured the attention of Zimbabweans.

In the video, the young man tells his friends about his ordeal of seeing his name saved as “a cobra vendor” on his ex-girlfriend’s phone.

While telling his story, the young man can be heard urging his friend to keep pouring alcohol into his cup until it is full (dira rizare shamwari).

His statement “dira rizare shamwari” elicited a lot of laughter from his friends, who were eagerly following his narration. His friends may have laughed at him because he was more concerned with getting drunk than dealing with his current situation.

“Dirarizare Shamwari” generated a lot of memes and became the catchphrase for Zimbabweans wishing to unload their woes.

DJ Tira’s Zimbabwean surname “Marufu” is the same as former First Lady and President Robert Mugabe’s widow Grace Mugabe (nee Marufu). – iHarare

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