Does Master KG Own The Song Jerusalema: Song Ownership Haunts Him

Master KG has once again been hit with a lawsuit regarding Jerusalema by a DJ from Limpopo popularly known as Charmza The DJ. Master KG continues to hype the success of Jerusalema while Charmza is still looking to get what he thinks is rightfully his.

Charmza The DJ and Biblos served Master KG with papers claiming copyright infringement for the global hit Jerusalema which has now surpassed 500 million views on YouTube.

This lawsuit was first reported by Phil Mphela last year where Charmza, through his lawyers Adams & Adams, slapped Master KG with legal papers alleging that Charmza composed the overall sound of the song and Master KG played a little role in making it.

It is said Nomcebo Zikode wrote and performed Jerusalema with Charmza composing the song. Master KG apparently was nowhere near the studio when all of this happened.

Stephen Hollis was in Newzroom Africa explaining the whole lawsuit saying Nomcebo did not quite like Master KG’s beat but he debunked that and said Nomcebo actually came to his studio because she liked his beat more.

“The reason Nomcebo came to My studio is because she liked my Jerusalema beat that I sent her weeks before studio day…and y’all are out here saying Nomcebo didn’t like my beats on studio day and she liked other guy beats ai!! Take me to court and stop doing interviews,” he said.

Master KG even reacted to Musa Khawula’s post saying, “I mean they can’t even Spell my name well coz they don’t know Fokol..looking forward to you reporting the outcome of the case if there’s gonna be any.”

Celebrating the success of Jerusalema reaching half a billion views on YouTube, Master KG said, “It was all a dream.”


The first lawyer letters sent last year read in part: “Around 19 August 2019, our client, Charmza the DJ, was invited telephonically by Master KG to visit his recording studio in Midrand to produce a track for female vocalist Nomcebo Zikode.

“Our client travelled from his home in Limpopo and during the recording session at Master KG’s studio, he originated, authored, composed and produced the original musical composition for the song that Master KG and Open Mic Productions later released commercially under the title Jerusalema.
The letter further states that Charmza is the original copyright owner, “Our client authored the original melody of the composition, the beats and the arrangement of the song, melody and vocals.”

“Our client was surprised to learn that Master KG simply proceeded to release the song commercially, through his record label at the time, Open Mic Productions, without contacting our client and without obtaining the required rights clearances for the use of our client’s copyright-protected music and musical composition.

“Our client did not transfer any rights of copyright through written agreement or otherwise and remains vested with all rights of copyright in the composition.”

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