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Here is how to see whether or not someone is on antiretroviral medications (ARVs)

Is there any way to identify an HIV-positive individual? Some people infected with HIV may experience modest symptoms in the early stages of the disease, but the vast majority will show no signs at all.

A positive result from an HIV antibody test is the only method to know for sure. Keep working and living normally, society. A person’s appearance does not serve as a reliable indicator of whether or not they are HIV positive or AIDS positive.

Physical manifestations of HIV infection are uncommon. HIV-infected people may not realize that they would likely begin experiencing symptoms within a few weeks of contracting the virus. These signs and symptoms can be caused by a number of other, more common illnesses. Symptoms may take years to manifest but may include fever, fatigue, a rash, a headache, enlarged lymph nodes, and a sore throat.

There is a higher possibility of this happening.

Unfortunately, you cannot be certain of your partner’s HIV status. Get tested for HIV if you or your partner have any reason to suspect infection. Treatment for HIV infection allows people to maintain their current level of health and quality of life. After that, you can safeguard your loved ones and yourself. When trying to stay healthy and away from HIV:

Stay away from any sexual contact. Be faithful and monogamous to one another. One’s risk of contracting HIV increases if they have had multiple sexual partners. Regular and adequate condom use is encouraged. In order to stop the spread of HIV, condoms must be used.

The condom should be used after the penis has been raised since HIV can be transferred by fluids prior to ejaculation.

It is suggested that a lubricant be used, but not one that contains oil. Other substances, such petroleum jelly or baby oil, can cause the condom to leak. Only lubricants that are water based, such KY jelly or Durex, should be used. Needle sharing is strictly forbidden.

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