How Zim Gold Coins Look Like: Zimbabwe’s Mosi Oa Tunya Gold Coin Finally Unveiled

The gold coins will have the following characteristics:

(i) Weight — one troy ounce.

(ii) Purity — 22 carats.

(iii) Identification — Each coin will have a serial number.

In terms of ownership, the buyer shall take physical possession of the coin and be issued a Bearer Ownership Certificate.

A picture of the Mosi Oa Tunya gold coin shows that the obverse/head/front side has Zimbabwe’s national coat of arms engraved in it. Just above the national coat of arms is the year in which the coin was minted and below the coat of arms is the coin’s weight.

Around the edges of the coin is a pattern that resembles the herringbone or chevron patterns found at the Great Zimbabwe national monument.

Below is a sample of the obverse side of the gold coin as shared by the RBZ:

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