‘It Came To Pass,’ See How Famous Prophet Predicted Actress Busi Lurayi’s Death

Mellontik Orasi, a South African-based prophet, claims to have accurately predicted the death of actress Busi Lurayi.

Busi Lurayi, best known for her role as Tumi Sello in Netflix’s How To Ruin Christmas, died on July 10th at the age of 35.

“We are deeply saddened to notify you of the passing of our beloved Busiswe Lurayi. Busisiwe passed away suddenly and was pronounced dead at her residency on 10 July 2022,” reads a statement released by Eye media Arts.

Mellontik Orasi, a prophet, has made headlines after it was revealed that he “accurately predicted” the death of veteran actor Jamie Bartlett.

Prophet Mellontik shared screenshots of his prophecy and a story from a publication reporting Busi Lurayi’s death after Busi’s death.

He didn’t say much when captioning the posts on social media.

‘Came to pass R.I.P’

Busi Lurayi’s death comes less than a month after Prophet Mellontik predicted that the South African entertainment industry would lose three of its soapie stars.

The three soap opera stars who will die soon, according to Prophet Mellontik, are two men and a woman.

Writing on Facebook, Prophet Mellontik said:

“South Africa entertainment

“The film industry soapies tv shows prayer.

“3 will shortly rest one after another.

“2 actors 1 actress.”

Prophet Mellontik did not reveal further details on the identities of the 3 South African actors or how they are expected to die.

He made that prophecy after he ‘accurately predicted’ Jamie Bartlett’s death.

Jamie Bartlett who was popularly known for his role as the villainous David Genaro on Rhythm City died in May.

Three days before his death, Prophet Mollentik had predicted that a South African celebrity would die if he was not prayed for.

“When death comes knocking on a man’s door, they become unsettled, I am seeing this male celebrity in the South African arts industry dying shortly if prayer is not made,” Prophet Mellontik wrote.

Reaffirming his prophecy following Jamie Bartlett’s death, Prophet Mellontik sent his condolences. – iHarare

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