King Shaddy ropes in Poptain

ZIMDANCEHALL chanter, King Shaddy, has collaborated with Poptain on a song titled Running Stomach. The song was released yesterday.

The Mai Huni dedicated the songs to beer lovers and labelled the songs “three quarts”.

“I am dropping three songs on July 15 to keep my fans on their toes.

“The song Running Stomach is a party song which narrates how people can go to extremes just to drink beer.

“In the song Love Yechidhakwa, I am encouraging people to show each other love just like what beer drinkers do.

“They drink from the same cup and exchange cigarettes to show unity.

“They help each other when the need arises and even go to extremes of sharing food with strangers,” he said.

“The song Tete Mubhawa encourages people to mind their own business.

“There are certain people who want to comment, or interfere, in other people’s lives, for instance at the bar, some people will say they are drinking beer while they have not paid school fees for their children.

“Some will say they are drinking beer before paying rent, they act as if they are the landlords.

“So, basically, I am encouraging people to mind their own business.”

The talented entertainer said he will drop more songs this year.

“Each quart represents a song, when you drink a first quart you will be expressing happiness (Running Stomach).

“When you drink the second quart you will start to meditate and your level of understanding certain things will increase.

“You will be showing love to everyone, that’s the Love Yechidhakwa.

“When you drink the third quart you will be telling people the truth, without fear or favour. You will start to tell people to mind their business and stop telling you what to do in your life,” he said.

The songs were recorded at Ghost the Magician and Genius Records.

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