Lasizwe, Mohale’s kiss leaves Mzansi shook!

MEDIA personalities Lasizwe Dambuza and Mohale Motaung caused a stir on Friday, 22 July, when they kissed on Instagram live.

While they were live with Ntando Duma, they started kissing, leaving people shocked. They have since been trending on social media.

After that, Mohale posted a photo of himself and Lasizwe taken at the Roast of Khanyi Mbau with a video of a love song, Ms Level’s Vele Ng’yamathanda.

Social media users have been trying to figure out if they are a couple, and sharing their different opinions regarding their relationship.

Atomic Habits said he wished Mohale didn’t involve Lasizwe in his life.

“I just wish Mohale was kind enough to not involve Lasizwe in his scandalous life because of his history of mental health. He doesn’t deserve to be used to hurt,” he wrote.

Then Tania Tannells asked Lasizwe’s sister, Khanyi, to intervene.

“Khanyi, Somizi is your friend and Lasizwe your brother. You are wise and you know Mohale is no good for your brother and only wants to get back at your friend. Clout chaser at its finest, yho hayi, intervene,” she wrote.

Johnson Awalle commented: “People need to calm down and relax. This is what celebrities do; they pull up with heavy stunts. This is all publicity. Lasizwe and Mohale are friends – they’d never date. Their mission in this case is to confuse the enemy (media) and annoy the Idols SA judge.”

The two sparked dating rumours during the Durban July weekend, where they were photographed holding hands. And, they were also holding hands at the Roast of Khanyi Mbau black carpet event on Thursday, 21 July.

On Saturday, 23 July, Lasizwe released a video explaining the kiss.

“I just want to give context and not that I am explaining myself, no, I just want to give context of what happened yesterday between Mohale and I on the Instagram live,” he said.

“Mohale came to my house with a birthday gift, we went live and then we had a moment of weakness. And as friends, we should be setting this boundary, but it happens. Don’t act like you’ve never had a moment of weakness with yout friends. It’s okay, it happens.

He said he and Mohale are just friends.

“Maybe that was my gesture of saying thanks for the gift, which was wrong, but we learn and we move. So, I can confirm, Mohale and I are just friends. Don’t be mad at me,” he said.



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