Local artists urge youths to register to vote – See Seh Calaz Latest Message

LOCAL artists are leading an online campaign to get as many youths as possible to register for the harmonised election set for next year.

The campaign which is being pushed by hashtag #RegisterToVote, has become common on social media and artists and celebrities have joined in so that they can use their following to spread the message widely.

Recently, dancehall artist Seh Calaz who once openly threw his weight behind opposition, leader Nelson Chamisa posted pictures of himself at a ZEC registration centre in Mbare where he had gone to check his registration details.

“Ndanga ndanotarisa kuti ndichirimo here ,haa it’s verified Bhanditi ririkuvhota zvekare the youths are the future but in a few years tinenge tisisava ma yutes tachembera takukungoti Dai paye takazo Dai taka #Registertovote Kwetezvekunyeba,” he posted.

Journalist Hopwell Chin’ono applauded Seh Calaz’s move and urged more artists to follow suit.

“Can we have a round of applause through sharing for Seh Calaz. These are the genuine artists when it comes to using their fame for positive things,” he said.

Another artist that has been vocal with the register to vote campaign is Baba Harare, who took to Twitter to encourage the youths to register.

“A useful message to the youth would be participation in deciding your future through #RegisterToVoteZW toxic positivity yokunzi work harder with people connected to the hilt taabhoo,” Baba Harare said.

Baba Harare’s sentiments were attacked by Zanu PF activists like Kudzanai Mutisi.

“Voter registration is non-partisan. It’s my birth right as a Zimbabwean. I should not be a struggling musician if we had a functioning music industry,” said Baba Harare in response to shadowy Zanu PF activist Nicole Hondo.

Mighty Warriors footie Rudo Neshamba also joined the campaign by posting on her Facebook page a picture of herself, lying on the ground as if she was in extreme pain captioned #RegisterToVote. – TheStandard

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