Man kills stepdaughter for losing pen at school

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) recorded two senseless murders involving juveniles, one in Insuza and the other in Bindura, on Thursday and Friday respectively.

In the first incident which occurred In Insuza, police said a 19-year-old man fatally assaulted his step-daughter, aged 12, for losing her ballpoint pen at school. Police said:

Police in Lupane arrested Girly Ndlovu (19) for a murder case in which she allegedly fatally assaulted her stepdaughter (10), accusing her of losing a pen at school in Insuza.

In the second incident, police in Bindura arrested Victor Choga (22) for murdering an 11-year-old girl near Centenary Road and Coventry Road on Friday at around 1.30 PM.

Police said the suspect followed the victim who was walking through a path that passes through a maize field.

Choga caught up with the girl and dragged her into the maize field.

He then bludgeoned his victim with an empty beer bottle and strangled her to death.

After committing the callous murder, Choga surrendered himself to the police.

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