Mystery Man Spends R100K For Somizi At Sumo Nightclub?

Media personality and Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo is one lucky man and he can’t stop gushing about a mystery man who allegedly splurged 100K on 10 bottles of Ace Spade for him at Sumo Nightclub.

Somizi took to his Instagram account to share how the guy kept on blessing him at groove. He says he was with his friends at Konka when the loaded man started throwing money in the air, but he was unfazed by his showy behavior.

He says the guy then later sent a waitress to his table to give him money and he was not impressed. The Idols SA judge says he quickly went to approach the guy to reprimand him.

He says the guy later sent six bottles of champagne to his table and he went to him to appreciate his kind gesture. Somizi says they went to Sumo afterwards and the guy also followed them.

“This guy wants me. I had never been a slay queen before but It’s so nice! Being a slay queen is NICE! The guy is handsome and younger,” he gushes about him.

Somiz says they ended up being cozy and he bought 10 bottles of Ace of Spades. He says he doesn’t know his name but he gave him his number. The Idols SA judge jokingly says he hopes the guy will reach out to hi because he is ready to eat his money and dump Idols SA

“The way he has money I am even considering quitting Idols SA. If he calls me today I dump Idols SA,” he said.

Controversial blogger Musa Khawula claimed that the name of the guy is Sunny Obasi. “Meet Sunny Obasi who is the owner of Coco Town Meat Lounge; Benoni. Sunny Obasi was at Konka according to Somizi Mhlongo which is where they met and Sunny spent over R100 000 on Somizi and his friends,” tweeted Musa.

Somizi revealed on his reality show Living The Dream that his new bae is loaded. This is because the new man apparently has a house, car, and a healthy bank balance.

“I am a sucker for mjolo,” said Somizi. “I can’t afford to date a man that I still have to raise right now,” he added, throwing shade at Mohale Motaung.

“I have a house. He’s got a house… I have a car, he’s got a car. I have a bank balance, a healthy bank balance, he’s got a healthy bank balance,” he added.

“The person that I’m seeing right now, he is very comfortable.”

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