LATEST: Investigating officer fails to explain how Sikhala posted video online when he was already in detention

THE Investigating Officer (IO) in the ongoing case where opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator Job Sikhala is accused of defeating the course of justice failed Thursday to explain how charges against the lawmaker arose while he was locked up.

Sikhala is accused of posting a video in a bid to interfere with investigating officers handling the murder case of slain CCC activist Moreblessing Ali.

Prosecutors allege Sikhala posted the video on June 15, a day after he was arrested for inciting public violence.

Sikhala’s lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa cornered the IO Hardwork Maziti who was left stammering as he scrambled for an explanation.

“The video was posted on June 15 while he was in custody of law and order, so are you trying to say that the accused was getting some benefits while in your custody,” said Mtetwa.

His reply was, “l wouldn’t comment on that.”

Maziti was also asked if police have managed to record witness statements from a local online tabloid team who allegedly posted the video and his answer was no.

The investigating officer also told the court that he did not visit the websites.

Mtetwa went on to ask him how he insisted Sikhala posted the video if he didn’t personally visit the websites.

“If you did not go on Zimlive’s website, it means you do not know who actually uploaded the video then,” said Mtetwa.

Bail proceedings are set to continue Friday morning when the defence will file their oral submissions.

Maziti opposed bail for Sikhala, saying it has become habitual for him to commit offences.

Sikhala was arrested while he was on the quest of making a bail application on changed circumstances in the case inciting public violence.

“The accused person has a propensity to commit further offences, this is so because he was brought before this court while facing other allegations,” said Maziti.

He further told the court that there is a real risk Sikhala might abscond court because they have a strong case against him and that they are yet to record two witness statements. – NZ

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