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SA Lady Narrates How a Zim Teacher Transform Her Nephew From A Dull Student Into An Intelligent Boy

Over the years, the capability of Zimbabwean teachers and teachers from other African countries has remained questionable. Most South African parents don’t believe that a non South African teacher could teach better than a South African teacher.

This has created unnecessary tension within SA’s educational space resulting to the constant demand from South African parents who are requesting that these Immigrant teachers be retrenched in order to create opportunities for indigenous ones.

Meanwhile, an Indian South African lady known as Natasha Abdurah on Twitter has narrated how her nephew moved from being a dull student to becoming a very brilliant fellow, thanks to the effort of his new Zimbabwean teacher!

Natasha claimed that her nephew used to score as low as 40% when she used to have a South African maths teacher but her scores skyrocketed from 40% to 75% after her class was assigned a new Zimbabwean teacher to handle mathematics.

She urged South Africans to stop worrying about unnecessary things especially when it has to do with the learning of their kids, they should focus more on competence than the teacher’s country of origin.

According to Natasha’s statement on Twitter and it reads:

“You are worried about foreign teachers. My nephew has a Zim maths teacher. His marks went from 40% with South African teacher to 75% with the Zimbabwean teacher. You are worrying about nothing”. – Opera

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