SAD: Gweshe Gweshe, The legendary star of ‘Gringo’ is ill and has requested financial assistance

William Matenga, best known for playing Gweshe Gweshe in the popular yesteryear Gringo drama series, is ill and seeking financial assistance.

Gweshe Gweshe is being treated at Chitungwiza Central Hospital for prostate enlargement.

In an interview with a local newspaper, he stated that he needed financial assistance. Gweshe Gweshe was writhing in pain after being operated on earlier this week when the interview was conducted.

He said he was admitted to Chitungwiza Central Hospital on Sunday and had surgery on Tuesday. Gweshe Gweshe stated that he was in an accident in February of this year. He stated that he requires financial assistance in order to gain more blood.

In his words: I was admitted here on Sunday. On Tuesday, I was operated on and I am still in pain. I was involved in a road traffic accident sometime in February this year and that put me off work, as well as off the big screen. I need more blood but things are not alright for me financially.

His wife, Esther Matenga, told the same publication that they needed help paying their medical bills. She claimed that their financial situation had forced them to admit him to a public ward rather than a private one as recommended by the doctors. She stated that due to financial constraints, he was admitted to a general ward rather than the private ward, which was recommended.

Matenga is best known for his portrayal of Gweshe Gweshe alongside the late Stembeni Makawa, also known as Mai Gweshe Gweshe. He also co-starred in the Gringo drama and film series with the late Lazarus Boora.

Gweshe Gweshe stated that his family’s savings had been depleted and that he had turned to well-wishers for financial assistance.

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