Tocky Vibes Hits Back At “Chicken & Chama” Critics

Tocky Vibes, an award-winning Zimbabwean musician, has responded to critics of his latest album, Chicken & Chama.

Some music fans have complained that the mixtape, which contains 36 tracks, is too long to listen to.

Tocky Vibes has responded to the criticism, claiming that those who complain that Chicken & Chama is too long are pretending to be busy. He claims there aren’t many songs on his latest release.

He added that when they find the time, listeners will eventually give the mixtape a listen. Tock Vibes said apart from complaints about the length of the mixtape, the reception has been positive. He said:

These songs are not many at all. Those who are saying the number of tracks are too much are pretending to be busy. When they find time they will listen to the album. I am, however, happy that the response to the album is impressive.

Tocky Vibes justified the decision to include 36 tracks on Chicken & Chama mixtape saying it gives listeners plenty of choices. He urged his fellow musicians to follow in his footsteps saying:

I implore people to work hard, especially musicians. I also realised that by having this long playlist, music fans can have plenty of choices on the album. Someone might have a choice of 10 songs on that playlist. This also helps me to reach out to many people, because If I don’t work it would negatively affect my career. I need to promote my work so I can expand and excel

Tock Vibes went on to say that he has more unreleased songs and could have released more tracks on Chicken & Chama. He said working on his music keeps him away from illegal activities. Tocky Vibes said:

The more I work the more I sharpen my talent. Working is good, it helps me stay away from trouble or some sort of illicit activities that could be harmful to me. I even have countless unreleased songs. I would have released more than those tracks on the album. – iHarare

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