Two years, no s3x, for couple sharing same bed

A HARARE couple hasn’t had sexual intimacy for the past two years despite sharing the same bed.

This was revealed at the Harare Civil Court when Fellistas Majuru applied for a protection order against Steven Mupambo.

She accused Steven of assaulting her.

Fellistas said they use separate blankets and Steven first hit her, while they wrestled for a blanket, when he arrived home at 3am.

“He took my blanket while I was in the bathroom and when I asked him to use his usual blanket, he refused.

“We ended up fighting and he hit me on the forehead and I sustained an injury.

“Some time this year, he also hit me on the eye, and I can no longer see properly as a result of the attack.

“He left the house at the beginning of this month.

“But, he still comes back home when I am not around to take my utensils, without my permission.

“He also threatens to take my children, and has hacked my phones, accusing me of having an affair with my boss.”

In response, Steven said: “Fellistas and her boss went to see a gynaecologist and I asked her the reason they went together, as we have not been intimate for a long time.

“I decided to leave the house and told her that there is no purpose of serving me with a protection order when I no longer stay with her.”

Magistrate Rutendo Machingura dismissed the application since Steven has already moved out. – H-Metro

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