‘UNOSHINGA KUSVIKA RINHI’ – Tallyn Ndudzo Finally Reveals Marriage To Nox Guni Is Over

After weeks of firing salvos, Tallyn Ndudzo has confirmed that her marriage to Nox Guni is on the rocks.

Over the past few weeks, Tallyn’s followers have been wondering if her posts were an indication that her marriage to Urban Grooves‘ musician Nox had ended.

In some cases, Tallyn would give disclaimers that the posts were not aimed at anyone. Rumours that her marriage to Nox had hit turbulent waters first emerged when she changed her page from Tallyn Guni to her maiden name.

On Sunday, she finally let the cat out of the bag and confirmed speculation that there is indeed trouble in paradise.

In a three-hour live video on Facebook, Tallyn went on a rant about how she suffered in her marriage to Nox. She said she had contemplated suicide at one point. She said:

…From day one ndimi maitiwomberera mawoko panapa tichiposter ma pictures. Vanhu vakaposter ma pictures munowombera mawoko I love you. Then when people are crying you don’t want them to cry you want them to pretend so that they die. Me I am not gonna die. Why would I die? Why would I kill myself? To make you happy? My happiness is very important my guy. At first, I thought, maybe. At first I thought, maybe. Thought maybe..unoshinga kusvika rinhi…

Tallyn Ndudzo said she is done with Nox Guni. When asked if she had told him that she wanted out of the marriage, Tallyn said:

Yes, I had to.

She said it is not easy for them to reconcile their differences. Nox Guni has neither confirmed nor denied Tallyn Ndudzo’s confirmation that their marriage was over.

Tallyn Ndudzo said the lack of communication between her and Nox Guni was the last straw. She implied that Nox also cheated on her.

You can watch Tallyn Ndudzo’s full video confirming her divorce from Nox Guni below:

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