US Rapper Roasted By Zimbos After Slamming Zim Artists

Zimbabweans on Twitter roasted United States-based rapper Kap City following his sentiments that his fellow musicians lack identity.

In a video that has since gone viral, Kap City, real name Keith Guzah, said ZimHip Hop musicians lack identity. He also said they should work on their pronunciation. He said:

To all my Zimbabwean Hip Hop artists. To all my Zimbos. To all my Zim n****s trying to do this ish. Trying to do this rap ish. Here’s a problem that we have. We have no f****ng identity. Like this what I f****ng hate. This what I really f****ng hate. I hate it when ya’ll pronounce bad as bed. Like fam are you a bad boy or are you a bed boy motherf****r? Like which one are you? That ish f****ng pisses me off….That’s the type of ish that ruins the sonics of music….

You can watch the short clip below:

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