VIDEO: More Information on the Ximex Dealer Who Flew USD Cash

More information about the Ximex Mall dealer who threw US dollars in Harare’s central business district on Thursday has emerged.

Boss Pango, a mystery man only identified as Boss Pango, caused a commotion in Harare’s central business district by making US dollars rain.

Pango was spraying the elusive green buck in Zimbabwe at Ximex Mall, between Innez Terrace and Angwa Street, near the Zimpost offices. People in that area could be seen scrambling for money.

Tafadzwa Russel Murengwa, also known as Boss Pangolin among the Ximex Mall dealers, has been identified as the dealer.

The rumor on the street is Boss Pangolin landed a professional job thanks to his educational credentials and decided to celebrate with his fellow Ximex Mall dealers.

It’s unclear which job he got, but he was clearly overjoyed and decided to spread the joy. According to Ximex Mall dealers who spoke to a local publication:

Mupfunha wedu ashanda. Ende mupfanha wedu awana mari zviri natural. Mupfanha wedu awana graft nekudzidza. Saka mari yepa street ati inofanirwa kudzokera pa street. Mupfanha wedu ashanda ende mupfanha aita mari. Ende mupfanha wedu awana mari zviri natural. Mupfanha wedu awana mari nekudzidza.

The dealers said Boss Pangolin threw dollar bills which he usually carried around with him. They said:

It was a movie style. Mupfanha agara anenge ane ma starch emadhora. Kubvira kudhara. But madhora iwayo asvika zvekuma five waya three waya

They dismissed reports that the cash that was thrown amounted to ten thousand US dollars. The Ximex Mall dealers bought some liquor to celebrate. – iHarare

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