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Video of Klerksdorp Gang Members Flaunting Guns And Dangerous Weapon On Their Way To Burial Surfaces Online

The current scale of crime in South Africa will undoubtedly have a devastating impact on the country’s well-being in the future. No day goes by without reports of crime and lawlessness occurring in various parts of the country.

For some time now, videos of criminals flaunting their sophisticated weapons on social media have been circulating online, raising the question of how they were able to purchase such assault rifles in a country where civilians are prohibited from owning sophisticated arms.

A video began circulating on various social media platforms showing gang members traveling to Klerksdorp, North West, for a member’s burial.

One of the incidents that drew a lot of attention was the fact that these gang members were heavily armed with various guns and were traveling in convoy.

In the video, some of the gang members were brandishing their weapons without regard for the consequences.

This demonstrates the cockiness of most thugs in SA. We hope that the appropriate authorities will look into this video and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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