VIDEO: P Diddy In Awe After Watching Uncle Waffle’s Performing Live

P Diddy can be seen reacting to Uncle Waffle’s song Tanzania in the said undated video.

Uncle Waffles was in Jamaica a few weeks ago. It is unclear whether the video was taken during the performance.

P Diddy, on the other hand, was in the UK four days ago, during Uncle Waffles’ visit to Jamaica.

Dancers can be seen in the background, where a stunned P Diddy looks on in awe of the performers’ energy.

Watch the video below:

P Diddy becomes one of the biggest stars in America to be wowed by the South African female DJ.

Drake is also amongst the list as one of the stars who have publicly shown love to Uncle Waffles for her lively performances. It was also rumoured that he wanted to co-sign the South African performer under her record label.

It seems Uncle Waffles’ career is is not topping its peak any time soon but continues rising as she continues to dominate the Amapiano scenes both in her country South Africa and across the globe.

She is currently on a tour and is performing in Bali on Saturday 16th of July after which she is set to do her last performance in Brooklyn in the US.

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