VIDEO:Prophet Madungwe Describes Conditions For “Automatic Heavenly Entry”

Controversial Zimbabwean self-proclaimed prophet Talent Madungwe has outlined the requirements for people to gain “automatic heavenly entry” status.

Madungwe, who has repeatedly claimed that he has visited Heaven on several occasions, said that once granted, the automatic heavenly entry status guarantees the receiver entry into Heaven no matter what they do later in life.

According to Prophet Madungwe, only three entities can grant this grace: God, Jesus and Prophet Talent Madungwe himself.

The Zimbabwean prophet said this grace can be granted to people who go out of their way to spread the kingdom of God. This includes works such as donating vehicles and houses to the church of Prophet Talent Madungwe, God and Jesus Christ.



He added that people could also attain this status by partnering with the church for 12 months by donating vast amounts of money to the church or donating all they have.

Madungwe made sensational comments during a recent interview.


Responses to Madungwe’s claims were not favourable on social media. Many claimed that Prophet Madungwe is unhinged and needs to be checked into a mental hospital.

Others also accused the self-proclaimed prophet of seeking to cash in on his gullible followers.



This guy must be arrested for blasphemy.


I’m convinced this man is a comedian.



I almost choked whilst watching this.


The reason I like this guy is… he is so outlandish but still no1 can prove he is lying because it’s all about faith.

Yall can call him names but can’t prove he is lying/wrong. Great example of religion.

Believe in what you believe in.


Madungwe is no stranger to controversy. He has stunningly claimed that he is one of the senior Commanders of the Heavenly Armies as well as an advisor to God.

He has also claimed that he led an army of angelic soldiers to arrest the devil in hell.

At one time, Madungwe said that he was ranked number 6 in the Heavenly hierarchy. Said Madungwe in 2017,

Christ is preaching in hell from July 1 to July 30, so we rearrested the devil to allow Christ to finish the job and to avoid conflicts. So he will be released on July 30…God is number one, followed by the Son, Holy Spirit, Saint Paul, my spiritual father prophet Daniel and I came sixth.

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