VP Chiwenga Reacts To ‘Zanu PF Must Go’ Graffiti, Slams CCC For Dirty Towns

VICE President Constantino Chiwenga has fired salvos at opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) over mounds of dirt found across the country’s major urban areas, which include graffiti that denounces his President Emmerson Mnangagwa, his Zanu PF party and government.

Graffiti, used as a form of protest art, was over the years adopted by opposition supporters to denounce Zanu PF rule.

‘Mugabe Must Go’, ‘Zanu PF Must Go’, and after the 2017 coup, ‘Mnangagwa Must Go’ graffiti has been pasted on public buildings, precast walls and government buildings in protest to their governance.

Ruling party supporters also caught up and used the craft to express their support for the government.

Speaking to dozens of mainly ruling party supporters who turned up for his clean-up campaign in Banket, Friday, Chiwenga took potshots at CCC and also blamed residents for the filth.

“Let us know that leaders of this party called CCC are the ones who came with this shameless project of saying throw garbage indiscriminately and scribble graffiti on buildings to prove government has failed and then remove it (government),” said Chiwenga.

“Some of the people listened to this bad counsel, and now today l have come with a nail and hammer to stress the point that we must desist from throwing garbage everywhere, this must get out of your head.”

The CCC dominates most urban councils. Before it, the MDC Alliance and MDC also contributed most councillors since year 2000.

Having been formed in February this year, the CCC already dominates major councils in the country.

Chiwenga urged local authorities to make use of devolution funds in coming up with and paying for modern technologies for solid waste management.

“Inter-governmental transfers, commonly known as devolution funds, must be channelled towards acquisition of new equipment such as refuse compactors,” he said.

The statement comes at a time government is at loggerheads with Harare city council over a similar project.

Government, through local government minister July Moyo, is accused of forcing onto Harare city council, an exorbitant and unlawful waste-to-energy contract with shadowy Geogenix BV.

With council resisting ministry efforts to have it pay a daily US$22,000 fee to dump waste at its own Pomona dumpsite and an already ballooning bill, government has indicated it settle the obligation from devolution funds it is meant to give to town house. – NZ

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