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Witchcraft In Limpopo Funeral, Body Of Deceased Allegedly Turns Into A Baboon (SEE PIC)

In Limpopo, a horrific incident occurred at a burial. According to reports, the father of the dead sought advice from a sangoma on the passing of his child, and it was revealed that all of it was the result of witchcraft.

According to reports, the deceased’s father instructed locals to remove the body from the coffin and place it where everyone could see it. Few only succeeded in participating in the ceremony because they were shocked when the father instructed them to beat the body with sticks while it was lying on the ground.

It is said to have changed into a baboon and fled after pounding the body on the ground. According to reports, locals pursued the animal and followed it into a home where the alleged deceased was found with other that have been buried years ago.

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