Zandie Reveals How She Tried To Save Senzo Meyiwa’s Life

Zandie Khumalo, a singer, has spoken out for the first time to eNCA about what happened the night Senzo Meyiwa was killed.

Meyiwa was shot and killed in 2014 during an alleged robbery gone wrong at the home of his then-girlfriend Kelly Khumalo. Zandie and her family have continued to make headlines in the aftermath of his murder.

Mzansi’s jabs at the Khumalo family appear to be endless, and one wonders when they will be cleared of all the criticism they continue to face.

Zandie who was one of the people inside the house when Senzo was murdered has also shared her own version of events. According to her, one of their neighbors, Mam Sangweni, was allegedly beaten and interrogated by police all night to agree to “certain things.”

The singer has apologized to her neighbours for the torture and stress they had to endure since the incident unfolded.

“I want to apologize on behalf of my family, it was not opur intention. We didn’t plan for anything, but It just happen. I would not wish this to happen even on my worst enemy because it is an ongoing cloud that is forever hanging on your shoulders,” she said.

A few weeks ago, advocate Malesela Teffo claimed that the crime scene had been tampered with during his cross-examination of Sgt Thabo Mosia.

Zandie said she doesn’t understand what they mean when they say the crime scene was tempered with because when they came from the hospital their house was full.

“When they say the crime scene was tempered with, I don’t know what they mean. First of all, our house was too small. The minute you have 5 people its a full house. By the time we returned from taking Senzo to the hospital the house was packed. Some of the people we knew and others we didn’t,” she said.

Teffo claimed that when Senzo was taken to the hospital he had already died but Zandie said she tried to save his life.

“I was the one sitting with Senzo at the back of the car, putting pressure on the wound leading to the hospital. Even on our way to the hospital I could feel him getting cold from his feet. I was busy talking to him all the way, trying to keep him alive .” she said.

Upon being asked what she might have changed, Zandie said that she wished she had stabbed one of the intruders because maybe they would have been able to tell them who hired them.

“When something happens of that magnitude, you forget everything. I even forgot the knife drawer, maybe I could’ve taken a knife and stabbed someone. Maybe if there was one left behind, one would have said something it would’ve been better. Things just go through your mind that I would’ve wanted to do so much, said Zandie.

She continued: “If a situation is facing you and if it will happen on that day there’s nothing you can do it will happen,” – ZAlebs

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