Zim Nurse Dies 3 Weeks After Emigrating To UK

In sad news, a Zimbabwean nurse died just three months after going abroad to the United Kingdom (UK).

Sithabile Sibanda, a registered general nurse, died early Sunday morning. She is said to have died as a result of abdominal pain.

Friends and family had previously described her as fit and healthy.

Her friend Lydia Maa confirmed the Zimbabwean nurse’s death on Sunday afternoon. Announcing her friend’s passing, Lydia wrote,

“I promised to be there for you every minute Sithabile Sibanda, but I failed to pick up your last call early today few hours before you rested.

“You have been hopeful and courageous to have a fresh start. It’s been only three weeks in Uk & like the wind; you have blown away.

“The police confirmed & I’m (heartbroken). Rest easy, flower. Sorry, Tracy Machabvunga.”

Lydia later released a more detailed statement saying Sithabile had suffered from abdominal pain.

“Good morning, everyone. I am very overwhelmed & unable to respond to every message. I am in communication with Star’s brother & mother in Zimbabwe.

“I will keep you updated on the funeral progress.

“Star tried to call me on Sunday 24th July at 01:42hrs. Sunday morning, around 1130, the police confirmed that She died around 4 am that day.

“She rang for an ambulance as She was experiencing abdominal pain; however, by the time they arrived, She had arrested and passed on.

“Star was fit & healthy & her welfare was catered for as I ensured she was comfortable & had all She needed.

“Next step, the coroners will be in contact to advise on the following stages. For now, let’s pray so that the journey can be easy.”

May she rest in peace. – iHarare

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