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Killer T’s bodyguard kills himself when his wife cheats on him.

The camp of the self-proclaimed leader of Zimdancehall, Killer T, is in mourning after his bodyguard killed himself because his wife cheated on him.
The bodybuilder Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta, who was 32 years old, killed himself on Wednesday after his wife cheated on him. Benjamin Chihota’s younger sister was married to Mutataguta, who was a big fan of bodybuilding.
The body of Mutataguta was found at the N1 Hotel at the corner of Samora Machel and Rotten row in Harare, according to a police report seen by this publication. The body of Killer T’s bodyguard was found around 14:15 on Wednesday by the hotel’s general manager, Halimana Valentine Sipho. He was doing routine checks.

The general manager saw Mutataguta lying on the ground in a straight line near the stairs to the first floor. At first, he thought that the bodybuilder had taken too much, so he kept doing his normal checks.

When he got back, he saw that Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta hadn’t moved. He tried to wake him up, but he didn’t respond. He then called NETSTAR Ambulance, which took care of the man who was already dead and said he was dead. On RRB5224599 ZRP KOPJE Police station, a report was made to the police.


Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta had been reported missing to the Highlands Police Station on Monday, the day before he killed himself. That same night, at about 23:19, he used WhatsApp to tell his father, “I have

I tried to be strong, but I failed. I’m sorry for everything.” His father thought something was wrong and asked him to call him, but he never did and was nowhere to be found.




Wednesday, Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta went to the front desk of the N1 Hotel even though he didn’t have enough money to stay there longer. He insisted that a friend would come around 15:00 to pay for him, and the front desk worker agreed.


At about 14:15, the general manager called her to tell her that someone was lying still on the stairs. When she got there, she recognised Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta as the person who had asked to stay longer.


Killer T’s bodyguard was staying in room number 108, where there was an open lid on a 50 kg drum of sodium cyanide. While police investigations are still going on, so far they have found:


It’s very likely that he killed himself, given that he had problems with his marriage, was broke, and had shown signs that he wanted to kill himself.

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