On Wednesday, a hotel bouncer in HARARE, on Samora Machel Avenue, was reported dead by suicide.
Known for his friendship with famous musician Killer T, 22-year-old Takudzwa Mutaguta is suspected of killing himself by drinking cyanide.

A suicidal WhatsApp message was sent to his father, Prince Mutaguta.


There have been rumours that he and his wife were having problems in their marriage.


Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, a spokesman for the Harare provincial police, has confirmed the death.


He advocated for the use of impartial third parties such as elders, counsellors, and the police to help people work out their differences.


The body of a married man was discovered lying in the lobby of a local hotel at approximately 2.15 p.m. on Wednesday, and Insp. Chakanza has stated that they suspect suicide.


The hotel at the intersection of Samora Machel Avenue and Rotten Row Road was where the deceased had a reservation for Room 108 on the hotel’s first floor.


“A container was found containing cyanide poison and crystals suspended in an unidentified liquid.”


On August 1 at 7:23 p.m., the father of the deceased confirmed receiving a suicide note via WhatsApp.


I tried to be strong, but I failed,” the message read.


It has been reported that the deceased man was having marital problems with his wife, and that his father had been engaged before and had also failed.


However, many variations are appearing on social media, all of which seem to point to the same thing: difficulties in the marital relationship.


Alternate accounts state that the couple has been separated for a while now due to his frequent infidelity.


The couple is raising two kids.


It has been speculated that he took his own life after discovering that his wife had been unfaithful.


According to another source, it was Takudzwa who was unfaithful to his wife.


Aihura mukomana zvekudaro uyo.


“He used to date this girl wataishanda naye so ndaigarosiirwa mari yevharamuromo naye since taigara same hood navo that time and he knew we were schoolmates,” said another.


Wafa wanaka shuwa,” a second source chimed in. It was he who initiated the cheating. H Subway

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