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Another Harare man shoots himself in the head and commits suicide

Police carrying coffin
Police carrying a coffin

The number of suicides continues to rise across the nation, and this morning a 59-year-old Harare man shot himself once in the head at his home in Gunhill.
George Nigel Rennie has been named as the individual.

Rennie reportedly shot himself in the bedroom as his wife Mitchelle Kim Rennie (58) was downstairs in the kitchen.


The event happened between 7:15 and 8:30 in the morning as the couple was getting ready to leave.

Inspector Luckson Chakanza, a spokesman for the Harare Provincial Police, verified the occurrence and stated that further investigation was being conducted.

He explained, “We are looking into a case where a 59-year-old man named George Nigel Rennie shot himself in the head with a pistol inside his bedroom.

He stated that further information about the case will be made public soon.

There are rumours that Rennie had been depressed, but they are not substantiated.

The event happened shortly after Tafadzwa Murengwa, a dealer at the Harare Ximex Mall who goes by the pseudonym Boss Pangolin, shot and murdered his fiancée along Simon Mazorodze Road last week after accusing her of cheating on him with a married man, and then killed himself.

Murengwa was discovered in his automobile at a residence in Shawasha Hills where he had taken sanctuary before being transferred to Parirenyatwa Hospital, where he passed away shortly after being admitted after consuming an unknown poison.

A Harare bouncer allegedly killed himself on Wednesday at a nearby hotel on Samora Machel Avenue, according to reports that he was experiencing marital issues with his wife.

Takudzwa Mutaguta, age 22, is thought to have ingested cyanide to kill himself. He allegedly sent a suicide-related WhatsApp message to his father, Prince Mutaguta.

He had a reservation at a city hotel. Herald

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