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Popular Social Media Prophet Reveals Source Of Power

Thwasa Lodumo is a mystery that a lot of people want to figure out. Because of this, he is seen as a controversial figure.

His name, Prophet Thwasa Lodumo, and the way he heals have caused people to have different ideas about him. Some call him a prophet, while others call him a traditional healer (Thwasa).

Thwasa Lodumo has helped people from all over the country and even from other places.

He helps people who want to be healed in a Christian way, and he also helps people who want to be healed in a traditional way.

All of them have stories to tell.

Thwasa Lodumo says where he gets his power.

He says that traditional healers were in his family. After they died, their spirits came to him in his sleep and asked to use him as a messenger, which he agreed to do.

“I asked them (the amathongas, or spirits), and they agreed, to heal people in a Christian way.

So, when a sick person comes to me, we talk about whether they should follow the Christian way or the traditional way,” said Thwasa Lodumo.

He says that when he is about to treat a patient, he talks to his “ancestors,” which is what he calls the spirit that helps him heal.

He says, “They tell me whether to use izihlahla or water.”

He says that if the Holy Spirit tells him to pray and fast, he does so. He would also read from the Bible.

“There are times when I pray and fast to save someone.

“When I was on the mountain reading the Bible, abomkhulu would show me the verses I had to give to a client,” he says.

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Thwasa Lodumo said that he can help people in need no matter where they are or how far away they are because he uses social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook to heal, deliver, and change people’s lives.

He may be the first prophet in the country to use social media to heal his clients both in the country and around the world.

He says, “As a messenger, I use social media like WhatsApp and Facebook to reach and help my clients, especially those who live outside of Victoria Falls or abroad.

“A person can just send me their name, last name, or picture through WhatsApp, and I can tell right away what’s wrong with them.

After that, I tell them what I found and then tell them what to do.”

He also says, “Since some clients like to keep their business private, I use WhatsApp for consultations and Facebook for live prophecy and connecting with clients.”


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