269 Zanu PF councillors demonstrate support for Mnangagwa.

In order to ensure that local governments provide citizens with civic services that satisfy their basic needs, Zanu PF councillors have banded together under the banner of Councillors for Ensuring Development (C4ED), which is an interactive forum that identifies areas that require Government intervention.

In preparation for the upcoming harmonised elections in 2023, over 269 councillors from the Zanu PF party gathered at Mutare Queens Hall on Saturday to discuss the issues facing their wards.





According to Alderman David Guy Mutasa, president of the Zimbabwe Local Government Association (ZILGA), local authorities are the branch of government closest to the people and should fulfil their duties without resorting to scapegoating.


According to Alderman Mutasa, a questionnaire was developed to investigate the difficulties experienced by each ward.


Concerns were voiced about a lack of access to clean water, a lack of proper sewage collection and disposal, the inability to recycle garbage, a lack of energy, inadequate medical and educational facilities, inadequate municipal roads, rampant corruption, and other social problems.


Councilman Spencer Chivarange, national secretary general of C4ED, argued that councilmembers, as “foot soldiers,” have a greater grasp of the challenges that are hurting their communities.



A grassroots plan for the unified elections in 2023, he said, would be developed at the upcoming council meeting.


We want to highlight the work that President Mnangagwa has done in each of our wards using money from the intergovernmental transfer system, which spurred this effort. Our goal as ground troops is to ensure President Mnangagwa’s overwhelming victory in the 2023 elections, and we need to show off the President’s accomplishments to do so.




Voter registration is one of the problems we’d want to see fixed. Despite the fact that more people live in rural areas, the majority of voter registration paperwork are issued in urban centres. As a response, the government should bring similar amenities to rural areas.


People in rural areas have far to travel to reach the nearest points of relief, making the lack of water, schools, health centres, and excellent roads a serious problem.


Councillor Chivarangwe expressed satisfaction with the government’s plan to dig a borehole in every village in the country and urged local governments to join in by purchasing drilling equipment to ensure that no community was overlooked.



To better serve the country’s 35,000 rural communities, the government has pledged to drill and outfit a single borehole in each of them as part of the Presidential Rural Development Scheme.


A nutrition garden and various fruit plants will be distributed to each community as well.




By focusing on issues including food security, import substitution, poverty alleviation, access to clean water, and job development, this initiative will hasten the realisation of Vision 2030’s goals.


More than 15 boreholes have been sunk by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) in the province of Manicaland since the programme was launched there by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development, Dr. Anxious Masuka.


Mutare City Councilor Resistence Mundembe expressed the city’s desire for the party to carefully choose candidates to represent it in both the council and parliament.


Councilman Mundembe argued that candidates should speak for the people and defend their interests.


That Zanu PF wins every ward in Manicaland is a goal we must all work toward. No progress is being made in the wards and constituencies currently controlled by the opposition, so we must take them back.



The opposition cannot be trusted to manage our municipal governments.


They have let the locals down. Now is not the time for partisan bickering, but rather to cast a ballot in favour of progress.




The party must avoid imposing candidates on members. There should be no bribery or hidden agendas in the selecting process. Councilman Mundembe argued that the party should only nominate candidates who have “the backing of the people and the mentality to alter the lives of the people.”


-Manica Post.

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