Chamisa setting CCC up for another potential storm

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) may be courting another potential storm with its decision to expand its candidate selection pool to both active party lawmakers and dynamic community actors with no party background.
Zimbabwe will hold elections in 2023 for both parliamentary and council seats.

The old MDC Alliance party is still tormented by lost possibilities to win seats as a result of fielding two candidates in some areas due to flawed candidate selection procedures.

The new strategy also ostensibly aims to eliminate the unpopular imposition of candidates by prominent leaders on the opposition.

Thursday at a media briefing in Harare, party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere stated that the party’s candidate selection procedure will be different than in the past.

“According to President Nelson Chamisa, our key change agent, the 2023 candidate selection process will be a break from the past.

“All candidates will be chosen by the communities they seek to represent.

“We urge individuals to participate in the community candidate selection process; it’s no longer business as usual for a candidate to be imposed on a community; people will choose for themselves,” Mahere added.


In the run-up to past elections, political parties frequently hold primaries to select candidates to represent them in national elections from their structures of approved members.
Mahere continued, “People will lead in terms of the standards we’re implementing.

“Some consultation participants require a person who resides in the community, possesses integrity, is competent, and believes in the reform goal.

“Therefore, all of these factors will be included in the selection criteria, with the exception of the siding’s residents, as the guiding principle of CCC is that citizens should be at the forefront of all decisions,” stated Mahere.

However, the CCC’s new strategy attempts to include non-members in its unprecedented candidate selection process, and there is a significant probability that some communities would settle for popular figures who may not bear the wounds of State brutality inflicted while protecting the party in previous years.

Additionally, party followers who have laboured to elevate the CCC brand and witnessed the devastation of party infiltration by opponents may be hesitant to adopt the method.

In response to a request for clarification, Mahere stated that her party would clarify its new strategy in future public engagement procedures.

“Full details will be disclosed at the appropriate time,” she stated.

According to zimlive

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