Paza Buster, a major local vehicle dealer, has threatened to sue CCC co-vice president Tendai Biti for allegedly misrepresenting in an interview that it failed to deliver gear ordered by the government in 2017.
Paza Buster has asked Biti to withdraw his remarks and to erase the video within two days.


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Paza Buster claimed in a letter to Biti yesterday that the video showed it as a substandard service provider to its consumers.

Paza Buster denied not delivering government-paid machinery.

Biti said he was dissecting the 2020 audit report in the video.

Our client believes the remark in the video is defamatory and a reasonable viewer or listener would understand it as one of the following:

Our client operates with impunity by not delivering what was negotiated and paid for.

Our customer is a horrible service and product supplier since it doesn’t fulfill contracts.

“Our client is one of the predatory “archbishops” of theft,” the letter says.

Biti hasn’t replied.


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