All Harare Municipal Police must now wear uniforms.
This reduces theft, corruption, and impersonation.

Yesterday, Harare’s mayor stated this.

Mafume told a news conference on Traffic and Enforcement fines that no municipal police will work in civilian clothes.

“They’ll wear uniforms with numbers.”

Chimanimani barmaid st_abs guy over change

Thieves used our plainclothes officers.

“Two uniforms are interchangeable.

We’ll build social media hotlines to denounce bribes and corruption.

Mafume said the Chamber Secretary’s office has issued a circular that no municipal officer will operate in plain clothes.

“We’ve heard citizens’ complaints about penalties.

“We’ve considered the towing price.

“A person is instructed to take their automobile to storage yet charged $100 towing.

“So, we’re going to ease its execution awaiting modifications to our bylaws’ definition of towing, so if a person drives their car to the storage area, they’ll simply pay a $10 administrative charge.”

“You can’t pay a storage charge if your automobile hasn’t slept at Central Stores

Mayor Mafume decried drivers’ contempt for traffic laws.

“Most Harare drivers flout traffic laws, which bothers me.

“Some of the behavior halts city commerce and endangers automobiles and pedestrians.”

“Zimbabwean drivers are exceptional”

“They don’t drive drunk or on the phone because there are cameras, but when they return, it’s anarchy.”


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