Kasukuwere attacks Mnangagwa

Saviour Kasukuwere, a former minister of Local Government who was fired from his post, made a dig at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration yesterday for its use of the judicial system and the police to persecute political opponents.
Kasukuwere said in a statement that the Zimbabwean people were being forced to relocate to neighbouring nations in pursuit of better economic opportunities because of the status of the country’s economy.

“As we celebrate and remember, let us not forget the Zimbabwean child who is forced to work due to a lack of employment opportunities, lack of empowerment, and lack of services. Kasukuwere, a former political commissar for Zanu PF, said, “Let us not forget the millions of Zimbabweans who have been forced to live as second-class citizens in other countries.” “Let us not forget the millions of Zimbabweans who have been forced to live as second-class citizens in other countries, sometimes subjected to degrading and inhumane conditions and discrimination in these foreign domiciles,” Kasukuwere said.

He denounced the unjustified detention of persons and encouraged the people of Zimbabwe to come together in order to construct a better nation and ensure that peace and prosperity prevail.

No Zimbabwean should be prosecuted because of political disagreements, and no Zimbabwean should be exiled because of personal or political disputes. “No Zimbabwean should be imprisoned without trial for legitimately and rightfully taking part in our politics,”

“The war that we are currently engaged in is not one of cannons and firearms; rather, it is a war to secure economic independence. We are no longer confronted with issues of racial disparity; however, we are constantly confronted with issues of economic inequality. Seize the opportunity to be the heroes of future generations and the present by working together. Let us answer the call that has been placed on our generation. Heroes have to emerge from amongst us.

In reference to the celebrations that took place yesterday for Heroes Day, Kasukuwere made the following statement: “To the pioneering nationalists, the trade unionists, the detainees, the war veterans, the mothers who cooked, the elders who faced the enemy in concentration villages, and the collaborators, today is your day.” Newsday

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