Mai TT’s Ex-Lover Zizoe Pamyk Mocks Her Rocky Marriage

Zizoe Pamyk, a UK-based musician who rose to fame as Mai TT’s ‘Ben 10,’ has divided social media after appearing to mock his ex-lover following her marriage troubles.

The socialite’s marriage to United States-based Tinashe Maphosa appears to have hit the rocks following leaks of private WhatsApp messages to social media.

According to reports, the marriage, which is less than a year old, has ended.

Zizoe PaMyk, who had a nasty feud with Mai TT, mocked her latest woes on social media.

Writing on Facebook, the musician said:

Kambe part 6 inouya Nhaka ipapa. Wam*ma umwe wangu ,kana zviri zveSHUWA sorry hako but WaM*MA wena. 2 min noodles to 2 mins marriage Square #IYAWOZVEEE

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