Man murders his second stepdaughter because she was dirty

MHANGURA guy beat stepdaughter to death for soiling.
Justice Philda Muzofa convicted Norest Svova, 32, of murder in Chinhoyi High Court.

Svova got 10 years.

Marry Mubaiwa Battles For Life

Prosecutor Kesia Teveraishe said the baby urinated near the Hunyani River in Mhangura on August 30, 2020, angering Svova.

He fatally beat the toddler with a stick.

When Elizabeth Dinhidza, the girl’s mother, tried to stop him, he attacked he

The toddler perished from his beatings.

To hide the murder, he dug a shallow grave and compelled Dinhidza to help.
Svova held Dinhidza hostage to prevent her from reporting h

On October 11, 2020, she escaped and reported the murder to police. While searching for Dinhidza, cops nabbed Svova.


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