Marry Mubaiwa Battles For Life

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s former wife Marry Mubaiwa is battling for her life in a Harare hospital.

Marry Mubaiwa is hospitalised at Healthpoint in the leafy suburb of Belgravia in Harare where her health continues to deteriorate.

Vice President Chiwenga’s former wife was set for amputation of her right arm on Saturday morning as it is now gangrenous that is, death of soft tissues due to blood supply loss, and life-threatening.

However, Mubaiwa’s family refused to authorise the procedure as did Marry herself because they want a second medical opinion.

The courts have refused to release her passport to enable her to travel to South Africa for medical attention.

Marry Mubaiwa is battling lymphoedema, a condition that has left her lower limbs swollen and infested with boil-like wounds.

She is facing a litany of criminal charges including the attempted murder of her former husband Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

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Marry Mubaiwa was unable to attend court proceedings on Friday despite being at the Magistrate’s Court premises as she was too ill to leave her vehicle.

The presiding magistrate proceeded to issue an arrest warrant regardless.

Mtetwa who is representing Marry Mubaiwa was moved to tears over the ill-treatment of her client.

Mubaiwa is charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill the vice president when he was critically ill and hospitalised in South Africa back in 2019.

Beatrice Mtetwa appeared before Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka on behalf of Marry Mubaiwa. She advised the magistrate that her client was on the premises but was too ill to make her way into the courtroom.

Mtetwa invited the court to verify her client’s presence in the parking lot but this was declined by the magistrate.

An arrest warrant was then issued against Mubaiwa.

Outside the court Mtetwa, reduced to tears, lamented:

As we all know these courts don’t even start on time. We waited at court at about 12 instead of quarter past 11. The magistrate sought us and we tell her Marry is extremely unwell she is downstairs she is in the car. The mother and the helper had to put her in the car because she cannot walk. She is very ill.

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