Marry Mubaiwa Struggles for Survival at a Harare Hospital

Marry Mubaiwa, the ex-wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, is fighting for her life in a Harare hospital.

Marry Mubaiwa is a patient at Healthpoint in the Harare suburb of Belgravia where her condition is getting worse.


On Saturday morning, the former spouse of Vice President Chiwenga was scheduled to have her right arm amputated because it had become gangrenous, or death of soft tissues from a lack of blood supply.


Mubaiwa’s family, along with Marry herself, declined to give their consent to the treatment because they wanted a second medical opinion.


Her passport cannot be released by the courts so that she can get medical treatment in South Africa.


Marry Mubaiwa is suffering from lymphoedema, which has caused her lower limbs to swell and develop boil-like sores.


She is accused of numerous crimes, including attempting to kill her ex-husband, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.


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Despite being on the grounds of the Magistrate’s Court on Friday, Marry Mubaiwa was unable to attend court proceedings because she was unable to leave her car due to illness.


Nevertheless, the presiding magistrate went ahead and issued an arrest warrant.


Mtetwa, the attorney who is defending Marry Mubaiwa, broke down in tears over her client’s mistreatment.


Mubaiwa is accused of attempting to murder the vice president in 2019 while he was seriously unwell and being treated in a South African hospital.


On behalf of Marry Mubaiwa, Beatrice Mtetwa appeared before Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka. She informed the magistrate that although her client was present, she was unable to enter the courtroom due to her condition.


Mtetwa requested that the court confirm her client’s presence in the parking lot, but the magistrate turned her down.


Mubaiwa was then the subject of an arrest warrant.


Mtetwa, inconsolable and sobbing outside the court, lamented:


These courts, as we all know, never even begin on schedule. Instead of quarter past eleven, we arrived at court at around twelve. The magistrate came to see us, and we informed her that Mary was quite ill. Mary was downstairs, and Mary was in the automobile. She is unable to walk, so the mother and assistance had to put her in the car. She’s seriously ill.

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