Mihlali discusses her love life with Leeroy Sidambe.

Twitter is buzzing over Mihlali Ndamase’s romance with Leeroy Sidambe. Ndamase told Nounouche she “doesn’t feel the necessity” to discuss her connection with Sidambe. The 25-year-old influencer says she didn’t interfere with Leeroy’s marriage to Mary-Jane.

They’re now in Mauritius with Idols SA presenter Somizi Mhlongo.


Mihlali Ndamase’s relationship with Leeroy Sidambe has trended on Twitter. Mihlali uploaded a lovely photo with Leeroy on her Instagram stories on July 23. They reportedly married in Leeroy’s Johannesburg house.



Before Leeroy and Mihali began dating, Sidambe’s ex-wife Mary-Jane was supposedly discovered cheating.

Mary-Jane allegedly slept with billionaire Thabo Emmanuel Rabali while married to Leeroy. The Popcorn Room stated the five-year romance terminated.



In an interview with Nounouche, Mihlali made it clear that she would only speak openly about her relationship when she is married.

“I am crazy in love,” added the beauty influencer.

She also addressed the picture she posted on her Instagram story confirming her relationship with Leeroy.

“The timing to post each other was not right. He posted and I reposted his story. People will always have their opinions, it doesn’t affect me. I am a firm believer in living my life the way I do. I also understand the responsibility I have as a public figure so I am conscious about it.”

On the topic of people’s opinions, Mihlali said she normally does not pay attention to “social media noise”.

“However, I cried for the first time recently, I was overwhelmed. I am human, certain things will get to me,” she explained.

“I found myself questioning [the] intentions and motives of people close to me. I felt let down. It hurts when you feel like you are being betrayed by those you trust.”

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