Mnangagwa’s Top aide eyes ZAKA East

The Mirror has learned that Jethro Munangi, 36, an advisor to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is considering running for the Zaka East Constituency in the 2023 elections.
He has targeted Clemence Chiduwa, a member of parliament for the Zanu PF and the deputy finance minister of Zimbabwe.

Jethro Munangi (36

Munangi, who previously worked for the Central Intelligence Organisation, declined to speak, citing the sensitivity of his current position as the reason.


On the other hand, he insisted that he, like every other citizen, had the right to participate in any political struggle.


An anonymous insider told The Mirror that Munangi has already created a blueprint for the future of Zaka East.


According to the source, Munangi believes the previous MPs who represented Zaka East did not care about the people, which is why the constituency is one of the poorest in the country.

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According to the source, Munangi believes that the gold reserves in the Chiromo district of Zaka may be utilized to generate economic activity and social progress. The Manjirenji Dam, one of Masvingo’s most prominent, is one of his targets for releasing the region’s agricultural potential.


His sample documents, so the story goes, highlight the critical need to renovate rundown institutions like Svuure, Muzinda, Manyiri, and Pasipanyoro.


The local elementary school that Munangi attended was called Matara Primary, and then he went on to Mashoko and Mwenezi for his secondary education.


Before joining the CIO, he studied war and strategy at Zimbabwe’s University. Looking Glass of Masvingo

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