Money Mohale and Somizi Earned From Their Wedding

Somizi and Mohale have now sworn enemies. Yet, their wedding was a fairy tail straight out of Disney Studios.

The two tied the knot on 28 September 2019 in one of the biggest celebrity weddings in South Africa. Most people will remember how much the exquisite and star-studded wedding shook down the internet with #Somhale topping trends the entire week after the union.

Somizi and Mohale anticipated the hype and buzz their wedding would create, and they signed a deal with streaming service Showmax to air the event.

The lavish wedding was so picturesque that its special Somizi & Mohale: The Union was nominated for a South African Film and Television Award. It set a then-record for the most first-day views on Showmax at launch.


Here Is How Much Money
Here Is How Much Money Mohale And Somizi Made From Their Wedding [Image: Austin Malema/Showmax]

Having attracted so much viewership and hype, it then becomes natural that Mohale and Somizi made a killing out of their beautiful wedding.

On the new Mohale: On The Record special, Mohale revealed that they made a staggering R1.5 million from their 2019 wedding.

However, Mohale revealed that he never got a cent from all those millions.


Here Is How Much Money
Here Is How Much Money Mohale And Somizi Made From Their Wedding [Image: TimesLIVE]

He noted that after his breakup with Somizi, he demanded that he gets his clothes, the car that SomGaga damaged, and his share of the R1.5 million, which is R750 000.

He said:

So we did a wedding special with Showmax, and we obviously got into a contract with production and channel to get a fee that would be shared between Somizi and me. 

The money still sits with Legend. With BarLeader television, it is R1.5 million. So, Legend is saying that he cannot pay over the money because Somizi has told him to pay the money over to SARS.

But I’m not sure how that conversation is going because I’m not facilitating it. So, it’s currently being taken care of by my attorneys.

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