Nehemia Mutendi, the ZCC’s leader, advised Mnangagwa to play a “clean game” in the 2023 elections

Bishop Nehemia Mutendi of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to play a “clean game” in next year’s elections.

Mnangagwa attended a ZCC service at Defe Dopota in Gokwe, where thousands of congregants gathered to commemorate the death of the church’s founder Samuel Mutendi. 1976 was Mutendi’s last year.

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Auxillia Mnangagwa, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, top government officials, Zanu PF leaders, and 16 chiefs attended.

Mutendi asked churchgoers and government leaders to keep peace.


This comes as political tensions rise ahead of the 2023 elections and rights activists note escalating political violence.


Some Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) followers have been killed before of the 2023 elections.


Intraparty violence has also caused injuries.

Mutendi: “Christ’s peace implies keeping calm despite problems.”

“I’ve invited government officials and leaders to commemorate the hero of peace today” (Samuel). We’re praying for upcoming elections. Upcoming elections. Many people will race. As the ZCC, we’re also racing to paradise. We pray for a clean election race.


“We’ve asked you to pray for calm 2023 elections. Despite economic constraints, much is being done to enhance people’s lives. We’re delighted with the government’s road repair and dam-building programmes.

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Mutendi said citizens “lost hope” due to the poor economy and urged the administration to maintain peace.

He criticised violence, saying territory shouldn’t be protected with swords and firearms.

“Our father fought for Zimbabwe but never saw it free. Most ZCC members farm. They’re delighted to learn about land-use experts, Mutendi said.

ZCC members realise land is God’s gift. Not only swords and weapons must protect it. We have the Bible, not firearms. Some are hopeless. Church is only hope… The State House’s open door policy is appreciated. We appreciate your willingness to welcome churches, bring people together, and lay aside state obligations to hear God’s word.”

Mnangagwa is targeting churches in his re-election campaign to get an edge over CCC leader Nelson Chamisa and other contenders in the 2023 plebiscite.

The Zanu PF leader asked thousands of parishioners to support him at a Johanne Marange Apostolic Sect Passover service last month.

In June, Mnangagwa joined worshippers of the African Apostolic Church led by Paul Mwazha in Chirumanzu, Midlands province, where he also solicited support.

Mnangagwa claimed residents aren’t using their resources to be productive. His speech dwelt mostly on Biblical verses.

“Baba Samere preached love and unity,” Mnangagwa stated. We gathered for his task. If he’d done wrong, we wouldn’t be here. He taught love, unity, peace, and harmony. Few of you are productive, he added.

Genesis encourages sweating. Every kingdom needs to produce. Our nation must develop via the church’s works; our people must be saved and healed.”

Chiwenga exhorted Mutendi congregations to vote Zanu PF.


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