People who don’t like Mark Ngwazi show throw stones

Numerous partygoers were hurt at the PaGomba Cafe in Beitbridge when irate fans hurled missiles at random after sungura performer Mark Ngwazi skipped a performance.
To express their frustration at being let down by Ngwazi, partygoers at first threw objects at an unidentified stand-in band.

“Police can confirm that there was commotion at the PaGomba Cafe when a performer who was scheduled to perform over the weekend failed to appear. Police responded to a location where revellers launched missiles at random, most likely angry because they had paid money for a concert that never materialised, Chief Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo said yesterday. We have not received any reports from anybody who were harmed.


The minibus’s windows were shattered by the revellers as they entered the site, where a large crowd had assembled for the performance.


None of the injured filed a police report, but the joint owner who had hired the band did, according to Nyongo.


Ngwazi stated he had nothing to say yesterday.


“You might just write that I have no knowledge of the matter. You may go ahead and pretend I have nothing to say if you want me to, but I’m going to perform here at the Defense Forces event,” he stated before hanging up the phone.


Simbini, the owner of PaGomba Cafe, did not return calls yesterday.


One partygoer reported seeing signs advertising Ngwazi’s performance at PaGomba all across the border town, and there was a $5 entrance fee.


“Numerous fun-loving individuals gathered, and another band was performing, which everyone mistakenly thought was the curtain raiser act. Later, problems began as word spread that Ngwazi had not arrived, according to Nyongo.


When the band rushed for cover, the angry audience continued hurling rocks at it from all directions.

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“Problems spread to the parking lot outside the venue, where several individuals attacked the minibus that served as the location for collecting funds. The enraged crowd broke its windows, according to a security guard at the location.


Some partygoers were hit by bottles and suffered cuts.


Many were taken off guard.


One partygoer remarked, “It’s robbery; it’s daylight robbery, and such promoters must be prohibited.” Newsday

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