Popular Madzibaba who predicted Mnangagwa’s 2018 win predicts 2023 winner

President Emmerson Mnangagwa will win the upcoming elections, according to Archbishop Andby Makururu of the Johannesburg the Fifth International Apostolic Church of Africa, who foretold the president’s triumph in 2018.

At his church’s annual meeting, held this past Saturday in Mutare, Madzibaba Andby, who recently highlighted increased efforts by the nation’s opponents to bring about regime change ahead of next year’s elections, made public his election victory prophecy for President Mnangagwa and the ruling party.


“I once said that President Mnangagwa would win in 2018. Despite pressure from proponents of a regime change, God stated President Mnangagwa will prevail in the upcoming elections. God commanded us to support President Mnangagwa.


“Our councillors, ministers, and MPs have been told to work together to beat the enemy. Due to its role in the nation’s liberation, the ruling party will remain in power. I’ve seen someone who tries to challenge our leadership, but the President will triumph, he claimed.

The Zimbabwean economy is expected to improve starting in 2024, according to Archbishop Makururu, who also foresaw the necessity for people to band together in support of the uprising that led to the nation’s liberation.


“I was shown two 1,800-liter white buckets, one filled with milk and the other with honey. Future years, starting in 2024, will see a booming economy. You can have a happy life if you work with your government. You must now get together in support of the leadership, he added.


At the church’s annual gathering, President Mnangagwa was represented by the Zanu PF Political Commissar, Cde Mike Bimha. He expressed gratitude to the church for its support and urged it to continue praying for the country and supporting the ruling party in the next elections.

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“I would like to thank you for praying for the nation that has led to the development that we see here. A prosperous future for the nation is anticipated with the availability of oil and gas. I’m glad to know that the Archbishop wants you to pray for the nation. There are others who desire a change of government. We kindly need your prayers as we stand up for our fought-for independence. Some people fail to remember that the nation has been supported by people who gave their life. Please vote for us in the upcoming election, Cde Bimha said.


Cde Nokuthula Matsikenyere, Minister of State and Devolution for Manicaland, also emphasised the significance of applauding government initiatives to create a flourishing nation.

269 Zanu PF councillors demonstrate support for Mnangagwa.

“We are pleased that you are opposing child sex exploitation and that you support national health regulations. As a government, we are pleased to collaborate closely with you to achieve national progress, she said.


In the meantime, the Johanne, Africa’s fifth-largest nation, has vowed to build schools, hospitals, and other public services while also combating gender-based and sexual assault.



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