“Relationships do not last as long as children’s clothes” – Mai Titi’s bridesmaid causes stir

One of Mai Titi’s bridesmaids Natalie Mhandu repost has caused stir on social media. Relationships, according to the meme, do not last as long as children’s clothes.

Social media users did not hold back and expressed their outrage and frustration. Enchantress was forced to apologize. She stated in her message:

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I apologize for being misinterpreted I’m not a spiteful person. However I didn’t realize this was bad timing for the reposted meme (which I took off someone’s story) and that’s an oversight on my part.
I felt the need to explain.

This was a random repost, and I had no intention of causing any harm, she added.

This follows a difficult series of relationship ups and downs for mai Titi.

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