A 31-year-old man was discovered dead after going missing on July 21, the day before he supposedly travelled for the grazing lands to look for livestock.
The man’s body, which was severely decomposing, was transported to the Inyathi District Hospital for an autopsy.

Police suspect that unidentified assailants may have killed the man.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, a spokesperson for the national police, verified the event.

“The ZRP is looking into the circumstances surrounding the death of a man, age 31, whose body was discovered on August 7, 2022, lying on the ground in a bush area at Riverside Farm, Inyathi. The victim, a herd lad who was employed, is said to have vanished on July 21, 2022, after visiting the grazing areas to hunt for livestock.

According to him, the body, which was in a severe condition of decomposition, was transferred to the Inyathi District Hospital for an autopsy.

Police in Mvurwi are currently looking into a murder case after an adult male’s body was discovered on the banks of a creek not far from Chiote Dam on August 8, 2022.

In addition, police are looking into a hit-and-run car accident that happened on August 7, 2022, at around 7.30 p.m. in Bulawayo along Leopold Takawira Street in front of Maxi Garage. A 59-year-old man was struck by an unidentified driver of a Honda Fit car.

The incident happened after the police stepped up their investigation into the case of an 11-year-old girl who was sent to collect $10 and $3 owed to her mother by two local women and went missing last month in Mount Darwin. The girl was later discovered dead and buried on the banks of the Mutondwe River.

A blood-stained axe handle was found by police roughly 60 metres from the small burial in Mun’ando Village.

The circumstances surrounding the death of an 11-year-old girl who was discovered buried on the banks of the Mutondwe River in Munhondo Village, Mount Darwin, on August 5, 2022, are still under investigation by the ZRP.

“The victim, who lived in Mun’ando Village, is said to have vanished on July 18, 2022, after being dispatched by her mother to the neighbouring Village to retrieve $10 and $3 in cash that two ladies, aged 37 and 31, owing to her mother. About 60 metres from the shallow burial, the Police discovered an axe handle smeared in blood, according to Asst Comm Nyathi.

Police in Bulawayo is also looking into the circumstances surrounding a homicide suspect whose body was discovered floating in the Phekiwe River last Friday near the Nkulumane 10 neighbourhood and the Mbundane district.

The carcass had a striped grey track bottom and was in an advanced state of decomposition.

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The body of an unidentified guy was also discovered in a bush close to the Siyaso 2 industrial site in Beitbridge.

“The body was facing up, and the nose was dripping mucous. Anyone with information should get in touch with the local police station, according to Asst. Comm. Nyathi.

Police have launched nationwide awareness campaigns as murder rates have risen across the nation.

Asst Comm Nyathi stated that police in Epworth are looking into a murder case in which Wirimai Bvunzanyika (40), who was attacked by unidentified assailants on July 28 along a sidewalk near Muguta Shops, passed away last Saturday.

“Police in Mphoengs are also looking into a murder that took place on July 31, 2022, at Gossan Mine. A dispute over the distribution of gold revenues led to the victim, Khaliphile Ndlovu, age 37, being struck on the head with stones by his brother, Coster Ndlovu, age 23, and friend, Jonathan Moyo, age 24, the man stated.

In a similar incident, Isaac Chikoti is sought by Marondera police in relation to a murder that happened last Saturday at Mafuro Farm, Igava, where the suspect hit his wife, Emily Nyasha Mulakala (28), with a hoe after accusing her of adultery.

In connection with Diana Makwinja’s murder, police also detained Nomore Makwinja (51) and Diana Makwinja (62) in Harare’s Budiriro district (16).

While trying to chastise the youngster for her drug usage and immoral behaviour, the father and aunt physically abused her.

The body of a male adult, who has not been named, was discovered with slashes on his back and legs at a dumpsite next to a church in Unit A Extension, Seke Chitungwiza. Police in Harare are looking into this case as a possible murder.

Simbarashe Kufakunesu (51) died on July 30, 2022, after being hit with a brick by his wife, Mirika Joni (50), at Mawarire Village. Gutu Police are looking into this murder.

At the property where the couple was running a shebeen, the victim had chased away beer customers, and this did not sit well with the suspect. Herald

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