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Sangoma explains how to know if someone is Bewitching you

It is always better to know who is good and who is bad in your life, especially if you have a lot of friends. Unfortunately, today’s youth spend their lives with fake friends and later regret when something spiritually significant occurs in their lives.

The majority of people will go to different Sangomas as if they are sick with a disease, only to discover that they have been given ‘isiqitho.’ A sangoma posted a video explaining why it is critical to consult with and know who is causing you harm in life. The only way to know is to seek consultation, according to the man, because failing to meet your life halfway is a risk.

You may believe you have friends, only to discover that those who tell secrets and share what little you have are the ones who will hurt you in the end. Sangoma advised people to be cautious before making mistakes in life.

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