Teachers for ED union formed

Newsday reports that the government has approved a new teachers’ union called “Teachers for ED”

Secretary of Primary and Secondary Education Tumisang Thabela wrote a June 22, 2022 circular to all provincial education directors: “It is noted that Teachers for Economic Development has completed setting up structures in the 10 provinces and requested authority to launch the provincial chapters and the national chapter.

“Considering the foregoing, permission is granted to establish Teachers for Economic Development provincially and nationally. Please coordinate dates and locations with provincial education directors.”


Other teachers’ unions, which want to be paid in U.S. dollars, say this is a tactic to hinder their quest for a livable wage.


Robson Nikita Chere, secretary-general of Zimbabwe’s Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union, is concerned that politicians are cooperating with ministry officials to establish Teachers for Economic Development.


“We urge teachers to protest of the regime’s commissariat plans played through unions. Teachers should be free from party politics unless they volunteer.


Chere said sections 64 and 65 of Zimbabwe’s constitution demand good administrative conduct free from political intrusion.


He stated President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime force-marched pupils to rallies and used school buses to transport Zanu PF supporters.


“Coming in the dark as Teachers for ED and purporting to have solutions to our pain is merely to harvest votes from the education sector,” he added.


Tapedza Zhou, secretary-general of the Educators’ Union of Zimbabwe, said instructors publicly aligning with a political party is a significant act of misconduct.


We oppose divisive and discriminatory efforts against teachers.


“Government and party officials must ensure that all teachers stay nonpartisan for the State’s successful operation.”


Takavafira Zhou, head of the Progressive Teachers Union, called the new group a “masquerade”


Worse, this imposter asked the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for approval to create provincial and national structures on July 25, 2022. Zhou: “Teachers smell a rat.”


Taungana Ndoro, a spokesperson for the Primary and Secondary Education Ministry, stated the second republic was democratic and had no hidden intentions in authorising the Teachers for Economic Development union.


As an inclusive administration that leaves no one behind, we have no issue to the new teachers’ union because it will help retain their upper middle-income status.


“With such teachers’ unions focusing on economic development, issues of teachers’ industrial action will soon be a thing of the past,” Ndoro remarked.

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