VIDEO: Altercation Between Idols SA Judges Somizi And Thembi Seete Breaks The Internet

THINGS got heated on Sunday night’s episode of Idols SA when judges Somizi and Thembi Seete had an altercation.

When the show was ending, Somizi and Thembi both raised their voices shouting at each other.

Somizi told Thembi she’s been making the same mistakes and she isn’t listening to him.

Thembi tried talking when Somizi got upset, saying she was talking over him and he told her he has been a judge for eight years.

“I’ve been doing this for eight years. You just started now,” he said

She responded and said she’s also a judge, not a guest.“I’m not a guest here, I am a judge. I’m not a guest and you better get it. I’m a judge and I’m here to stay. I am the first lady of this show,” she said.

The altercation ended with Somizi throwing and spilling his drink and saying “f**k”.

Viewers on social media were shocked by the judges and were wondering if the fight was real or just a publicity stunt.

This was because JR pretended to be quitting the show last week and people are convinced it is another ploy for numbers.

Twitter user Avuye Qayizana said the fight was just to get their numbers up.

“I am almost certain the anticipated upcoming Thembi & Somizi fight is all just a play or an act but of course #IdolsSA needs as much publicity to increase viewers, so hence their marketing strategy,” Avuye wrote.

Another user, KB Motswiane asked: “But would they really show us the fight if it was real?”

Then Oletiwe tweeted: “Oh, please… We all know that Thembi and Somizi’s argument scene for next week is another prank to get us to tune in.”


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