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VIDEO: Mother who lost 4 family members in the KZN mass shooting speaks out

The number of people has risen from 6 to 7 people who have lost their lives during the mass shooting at a tuck shop in Marianhill, KZN.

Lethiwe Mdluli, eNCA news reporter spoke to a family mother who lost 4 people in her home. The Mzobe family received news that there was a shooting that took place around about 7:30 afternoon. 6 people died on the seen. This morning they have confirmed that the 7th person has died. The person is Siyabonga Mzobe.

eNCA reporter asked the mother (Ruth Mzobe) how they are feeling as a family who lost 4 family members all at once and what they know at this point about the incident.

Ruth Mzobe said that it is very much hard and difficult for them as a family. As for her personally she hasn’t slept a single second since the incident yesterday. She said she can’t think straight all that she does is to cry non-stop.

Ruth Mzobe also mentioned that she is a pensioner and she doesn’t have much. Her brother who also died during the shooting was also a pensioner. Her brother’s wife is also a pensioner. Her son and other 2 relatives who didn’t have parents did piece jobs to survive. No one really had a stable job in the family.

The tuck shop that the shooting took place at was Ruth Mzobe’s brother. Her brother invited the other family members to visit him at his tuck shop and that when the shooters came and shot them. All of them expect for one was laying outside the tuck shop and the rest where found died inside the container.

Ruth Mzobe mentioned that she feels like the police are not working hard enough and she wish they could put more effort on their jobs. She said she ended up arguing with the police because she didn’t see what there were doing.

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